A Quality Life

A Quality Life

Diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease, June commenced this final challenge — to write her memoirs. Robbed of the ability to speak she started typing a story or two a day. Eighty-six thousand words in all, the keyboard rattled away at the start but finished with single, lonely clicks. Not one to be silenced, in her final days she composed haikus in her bed and shared them via her sight board. June revelled in life and that is what added the quality to it. These stories trace her life growing up in South Australia, exploring the United Kingdom as a young woman, marrying in Canada, raising her young family in Tasmania, and an active retirement in Sydney. It focuses on the Dollman, Bryant and Burdon families, her observations of the times, poetry, travelogues and her experience with MND. Sale proceeds will be donated to MND NSW, Australia.

‘A Quality Life’ is available as an eBook or as a colour paperback.

As an eBook search on author, title or ISBN 9781618429247. Popular store links include: Amazon; iBooks (via iTunes); Kobo; Barnes & Noble; Sony; Barker & Taylor; Copia; Gardners and eBookPie.

The paperback is ‘printed on demand’ by Lightning Source/Ingram and can be ordered in major online stores, or at your local bookshop. Use ISBN 9780646904740.


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